Kitting + Procurement

Our processes included procurement assembling and packaging essential components, spare parts, or consumables into ready-to-use kits. These kits are then deployed for maintenance, repair, or operational purposes.


Kit and procure material essential to the proper functionality and maintenance of military vehicles, components, and equipment. From basic essentials to advanced technology, we meticulously design each kit to meet the rigorous demands of modern warfare.


Place items together to reduce inventory management costs, minimize excess stock, and optimize storage space. Through this, we are able to acquire advanced weaponry, communications systems, and cyber technologies.


To support the men and women who serve our country by delivering top-quality equipment, parts, and kits to enhance their capabilities and readiness.

At MCSolutions, our Basic Issue Items (BII) and Components of End Items (COEI) kitting services are designed to streamline the assembly process by carefully packaging and organizing all necessary components and materials for a particular project.

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